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Azahar Coffee Company

"We search for Colombia’s best coffee and those who grow it

 It all started in 2005..
Yes, we’re a young company filled with talented professionals with a huge passion for coffee grown in our region and the history behind them. What moves us is pushing forward the limits of coffee business in Brazil and the desire of delivering the most unique and ultimate experiences on coffee trading for our worldwide customers. We are very proud to be recognized as real partners of the coffee producers we represent and it’s the foundation for our way of working.

Our goals are to provide all the support the growers need in technical, agronomical and commercial fields, in order to aggregate value to their products and the unique characteristics they have. We are inspired by both the new and the traditional. We love to develop and explore innovative ways of working as well as to listen and value the stories that our partners have to tell about their lives and business."
                                                                                                                                        © Azhahar Coffeee Company

Azahar Coffee Company начали свою деятельность в 2005 году как маленькая компания, состоящая из профессионалов, наполненных желанием узнать все о кофейной истории своей страны.

Их задача не просто выбрать хороший продукт и доставить его до покупателя, но и оказать фермерам всю необходимую им поддержку - техническую, социальную, материальную – для того, чтобы зерно раскрыло весь свой потенциал.

 УРОЖАЙ 2018

Colombia Blend Chachagui, region Narinho, past crop 35 7,95
Colombia Blend Ancuya, region Narinho, washed, current crop 35 7,45
Colombia Microlot, region Narino, farmer Laureano Legarda, current crop 12 9,95
Colombia Microlot, region Narino, farmer Ines Chicaiza, current crop 12 9,95
Colombia Microlot, region Narino, Finca El Espinal, current crop 35 9,45